Beauty: BeautyMNL Haul!


My first haul post! \o/

Lately, I’ve wanted to try the 10-steps Korean beauty routine. I only put toners, moisturizers, and sunscreen, though sometimes I add exfoliators into the regimen. But whenever I look at the mirror, I feel like my skin needs more TLC so I turned to Google for products that might help me. I found these articles from Klog which features items for combination skin.

Then I turned to BeautyMNL to see what products they have. Now, BeautyMNL is a recent discovery introduced by my workmate. It is a locally based website that specializes in makeup and skin care. They also have a blog which features tutorials, reviews, etc., that are Filipina-centered. I love how they have brands that don’t have physical stores yet in my country. But while they have an array of brands to choose from, they also have limited stocks unlike if you go to the mall. That is understandable though.


Anyway, BeautyMNL boasts a 24-hour delivery which surprised me because I got the products the next day. Mind you, I ordered around 8 pm, and they still managed to ship it before 9 am the next day!


So here are the items that I bought from them:



Benton Fermentation Essence and Benton Snail Bee High Content Lotion – I originally wanted to get Missha Snail Cream and Tony Moly’s Snail Essence. But both received mix reviews online, not to mention pricey! Then I read somewhere that Benton or Mizon’s moisturizers are a lot better than Missha’s. So I checked it on BeautyMNL and found them for half the price! That’s an instant grab for me!


Mizon Multi Function Formula Snail Repair Eye Cream – My eyes are a lost cause. I’ve been quite wary towards eye creams, but I know my eyes need the same care as the rest of my face gets.


Peripera’s Ink Velvet in Celeb Deep Rose – It was love at first sight when my friend showed me her Peri Inks. The packaging is just so adorbs! I was quite at a loss whether I’ll get the Ink Velvet or the Airy Velvet but I learned that the former has more staying power than the latter. I opted for that since I’m very lazy to retouch throughout the day.


I tried it right away, and I’m shook! It is a lovely shade, and I’m glad that it is close to my natural lip color. Achieving the my-lips-but-better look with Peri’s Ink Velvet is easy! It stays for quite some time even after I drink or eat. There is also a faint fruity smell which I lurve (I go gaga with sweet-tasting and fruity-smelling lip products).  I’m so sooo tempted to buy the other shades now.


Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Eyebrow Kit in Perfect Taupe – My eyebrow pens are almost empty, and I need a new one. I wanted to try something else before I go back to my HG, K-Palette. My experience with brow powders are so-so, but I wanted to give it another try to achieve a more natural look. I tried this and was somehow disappointed with the color I chose. I should have opted for the darker shade, but oh well, I also wanted the lighter look. I just didn’t like the reddish brown color it gives. So instead of having a natural look, it is more obvious that I put something on my brows. But anyway, I only tried it once and without any prep on my face, so I’m still crossing my fingers that I’ll like it, eventually. (ended up giving this to my workmate who has a lighter shade of hair color)


Shiseido Water in Lip SPF 18 UV Care – now if I am going to take care of my entire face, might as well include my lips. I love how it feels light on the lips, and of course, anything with SPF is good in my book. There is a minty feel afterward, and I was worried that it might dry the corner of my lips, but it looked better and hydrated. It is also cheap for a Shiseido product. This lip balm also works well with Peri Ink Velvet since it keeps my lips from drying and gives a healthier look.


Aside from the free shipping that I got since I reached the needed amount to avail it, I also got a freebie. It is a Benefit Boiing concealer samples. It looks cute ahaha! I don’t know when will I be able to use this since I’m so lazy to go on full makeup during work days.


I’m happy with BeautyMNL’s service and the products that I got from them. If you are going to buy from them, make sure you order during the weekdays so that you can get your products the next day. I’m pretty sure I’ll order from them again soon.


As for the products, I hope they are worth the money. I want to cut back on my makeup and invest more in skin care.

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