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build your anime blog

I’ve been on a fence about this book for the longest time. Chic Pixel’s posts give the last push to buy and read this book finally.

Despite blogging (sporadically) for quite some time now and have come across a lot of blogging advice, I still learned some new tips and tricks like useful plugins in this book. Learning something new is always good. This book became my guide and inspiration in blogging since this is dedicated to fandom blogs, anime in particular, something I could relate to.

While I’ve long since veered away from aniblogging and only do occasional posts about anime, the interview to other bloggers is worth my money. I’ve been following some of them when I was starting out (like Cart Driver), so it felt like reading an interview of your favorite celeb! Those are precious interviews you can’t get anywhere. You get to go behind the scenes of their blogs and pick their brains a bit about blogging.

The biggest takeaway in this book is giving me inspiration and motivation to blog. Those two are easily exhaustible things. So whenever I feel like I’m down in the dumps, I’ll go back to this book and feel refreshed. These bloggers (including the author Lauren Orsini) remind me of something I forgot a long time ago: blogging is 98% labor of love. The remaining 2%? Luck, perhaps?

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