Booklog: Hour Game

hour gameNothing is more engaging to read than a mystery thriller novel that allows you to be a detective as you read.

In a small and rather quiet town, a series of murders rattle its residents. King and Maxwell solve the crimes together but uncovers other dark secrets in the process.

With the entire town as part of the cast, Hour Game has a huge set of characters, all having such distinct, strong personalities. With main characters like King and Maxwell, it’s easy to think that they are another copy of Sherlock and Watson, King being the ‘sherlock’ in this case. But Maxwell is more than just a female version of Watson. In fact, she is undeniably a main character, not a sidekick. For instance, she covers things her partner might have missed during the investigation. I bet the case would take longer to finish if it is only King.

Despite that, I enjoyed guessing who is who based on the clues dropped by Baldacci along the way. It makes me feel like I am part of the investigation process. The fast-paced story also accounted as to why I couldn’t stop turning the pages. It started like any other serial murders. All appear random but contains signature marks from other serial murderers – until all the crimes committed comes to full circle.

Despite establishing a solid connection, the book is not free of loopholes. One particular thing is the murder of one of the characters. The victim is unrelated to the serial killings, but he did commit some bad things like blackmailing which makes me confused as to who is he blackmailing or is he blackmailing two different people?

In the end, it reminded me of Criminal Minds (minus all the interesting characters from the TV series). It has that classic murder series feel, amped with fast-paced actions.

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