Booklog: Sam’s Letters to Jennifer

sam's letter to jennifer

I can handle sappy stories, but if you incorporate tragedy after tragedy AND an untreatable illness ala Kdrama style, then my interest wanes.

As if a series of unfortunate events is not enough, Jennifer’s grandmother, Sam, got hospitalized. Jen moves back to the resort village she grew up with and discovers two great love stories. Or is it?

Jen’s love story I get. They are pretty good together. But her grandmother’s? No. I’m appalled if anything. Told in a series of letters, Sam recounts her life and culpable love story.

It started interesting. The idea of letting the letters tell a story felt like you’re being let on a secret. But never did I imagine that it will be a tale of infidelity – glamorized by secret weekend getaways and stolen moments. James Patterson wrote it in a way that you’d see their love as something pure in the middle of their downtrodden lives. Okay, there are circumstances. Fine I get it. But that does not justify the cheating. Cheating is cheating, no matter what angle you’ll look at it or excuses you throw to explain the affair.

It was a pretty fast read. Something I would have probably enjoyed, maybe shed a tear or two but it just falls flat in the end.

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