Booklog: The Trials of Apollo – The Hidden Oracle

trials of apollo

I’ve been skeptic yet excited when I got The Hidden Oracle. It seems like Rick Riordan have already exhausted all the possible scenarios in the Greek mythology. But so far, Riordan hadn’t disappointed me yet plus I’ll always have a soft spot for demigods at Camp Half-Blood so why not.

As expected, the humor cracked me up right off the bat. Despite losing his godly powers, Apollo is still high and mighty. His first-world problems never fail to amuse and make me face-palm. He matures throughout the book, though. Still a little self-centered, but he is learning humanity. And he could be quite endearing at that.

What I totally enjoyed though is the appearance of old characters. I squealed when Percy appeared, grinned when Rachel Elizabeth Dare showed up, and just feeling nostalgic and at home with Camp Half-Blood. Best thing is Nico. Gods, I loved and missed Nico! I’m so so glad he’s doing fine and getting along with the rest of the demigods. I teared up a little when I read that he finally fits well. It’s about damn time. He deserves all the love and happiness he can get.

While I am still a bit ??? at the progress of his relationship with Will (I mean, they just had like what, a few interactions in a single event at the middle of a big war no less), I’m super happy for him. It also works out that Apollo is chill with their relationship. Though to be honest, I’m still holding on to my Persico and Jasico ships (I still do love Percabeth DW). Thank gods for fanfics.

I probably could go on and on about Nico, but I’ll stop now. www

The second book comes out this May, and I’m excited because we’ll see Jason! I’m sticking around to see what will happen to Apollo’s trials.

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