KDrama: Innocent Defendant (피고인)

Innocent Defendant
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Innocent Defendant recently concluded airing on the local channel, and I unexpectedly loved it!

When I first saw it in the commercial, replacing Scarlet Heart in the primetime slot, I thought for sure that it’ll be depressing. Prosecutor Park Jung-Woo has everything: a successful career and a happy family. One day, he wakes up from his sweet dream and faces the harsh truth – his family is murdered, and he is the prime suspect. Jung-Woo is set to know the truth no matter what it takes.

The start of the show is depressing and heartbreaking. Ji Sung’s portrayal of Park Jung-Woo is so compelling that it crushes my heart everytime he wails. He lost a lot, and he is at the edge of losing his life over the impending death sentence. What’s worse is that he suffers a temporary amnesia after the murder occurred.

His life in prison is also unbearable to watch. He is forced to live with prisoners whom he sent to jail before. Thanks to that, he already has lots of enemies without even doing anything at the prison. If that wasn’t enough, one of the prison guards is his late wife’s brother who apparently harbors hatred for him. To top it all, the prosecutor who handles the case is no other than his best friend, Prosecutor Kang Joon Hyuk.

But Jung-Woo isn’t going to be a loser forever. He stops being depressed and starts thinking of a way to clear the mess he is in. This is the best part of the show where Jung-Woo gains allies and builds up a plan and other daredevil stunts to get to the truth. This is the start of the battle of wits between Jung-Woo and his archenemy, Cha Min-ho. Of course, there are still betrayals and villains constantly thwarting Jung-Woo’s plan, but it is these twists and turns that got my father and I hooked. In a way, we cheer for him and want those bad guys to be punished.

Evil breeds evil. That’s what the series show in each of the conspirators in Julius’s case. This mainly fits the main villain Cha Min-ho played by Uhm Ki-Joon. He is truly a man of thousand faces. But I liked how he isn’t just torturing people for fun. His twisted personality stems from his desire to please his father. Yet, his father also reaps what he sows. At the end of the day, nobody wins between them.

Innocent Defendant
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One of the most important characters here is Jung-Woo’s lawyer, Attorney Seo Eun-Hye played by Yuri Kwon of So Nyeo Shi Dae. I. WAS. SO. SURPRISED. I felt like I’ve seen her face before but never did I imagine that The SNSD’s Yuri would be in a serious drama wearing subdued clothes and looking rather plain.

While Jung-Woo is the brain of the plans, he is not alone. He has his group of cellmates who finds him annoying at first but turns out to be total sweethearts (think of the guys from Miracle in Cell No. 7). They all have their own circumstances, but they consider each other brothers in arms.

This is such a great drama, and I ended up loving each character, be the good or bad guys. I wish it were more popular, especially among my friends (they all love their romance shows).

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