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Kilay, or eyebrows in English, is said to be the frame of the face. So having a defined brows gives your face a distinct feature.

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I have thin and sparse eyebrows. One time, my sister shaved a part of it to give it “shape” which makes it thinner. Sure I have cleaner brows, but it also made my forehead looked wider than before (my forehead is as wide as my palm). One classmate commented that it looked like I didn’t have brows at all! I sort of imagined Mona Lisa in that comment.

So when I started using makeups, one of the staples in my makeup kit is a brow makeup. As it is I have a long history with brow products.

But first, I have to settle with the shape. I tried the arched shape which I find hard to master. Then I turned to the straight brows which look simpler and more natural. Easier to do, too.

Here’s the one I remember using:


Color My Brow (Etude House) [Amazon]– my problem with eyebrow mascara when used alone is that it gives a thicker and unruly look on my brows so nope.


Drawing Eye Brow (Etude House) [Amazon]– the mascara fails so I turned to pencils and they are easier to apply, but the stick is short. It doesn’t last long, so I switch to other pencils.

ELF brow kit [Amazon]– they say that it is easy to use. But the newbie me had a hard time using the gel. It made my brows overly tinted and thick like I plastered a tattoo.

Pencil eyebrows in Gray (Maybelline) – I used this for years because 1) it’s cheap, 2) it lasts long when applied, and 3) longer stick than that of Etude. Seems like Maybelline discontinued this line as they make newer brow products.

Some eyebrow pencil from Sasa – I can’t really remember the name, but I used it when my Maybelline one ran out when I was in Macau. I’m crossing my fingers that there’ll be Sasa branches in my country.

Waterproof Eyebrow Powder (In2It) – Few years after my failed ELF brow kit, I tried another kit in the form of In2it. I love that it is super pigmented and has 3 shades. The lightest shade can also act as the nose contour. But using brow powders alone isn’t fitted for my brows.


1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Liner/Pencil 24H (K-Palette) [Amazon] – HOLY GRAIL LEVELS. I used both the pencil with powder and the pen with powder, and I fell in love with this brand. The pen/pencil provides a good line for the brows and the powder to fill in the gap. They also last long as K-Palette brags a 24-hour stay. It doesn’t budge on sweat or water.


Designing Eyebrow Pencil (The Face Shop) [Amazon]– I got 3 colors during their sale – gray brown, dark brown, and brown. I used them for the tail, middle, and near the bridge of the nose, respectively. I couple it with Ever Bilena’s clear mascara for longer lasting and tamer effect.

The Face Shop eyebrow liners could have been perfect. But I aim for a more natural look. So I switch to:


Natural Chiffon Eyebrow #2 (Canmake) [Amazon]– has the same but lighter color than In2It but the soft color is buildable.


Micro Slim Brow Pencil #4 Dark Brown (Nature Republic) – for lining the underside of the brow and have a more defined tail.


Color Change Eye Brow (Canmake) [Amazon]– to finish it off and a longer lasting effect

It may look a lot but I swear, it only takes about 5-10mins to put it all. Plus I love that I achieve my natural brow look with these.

I love my current brow regimen as I love the Canmake products that I discovered! Best discovery ever! But I might go back to K-Palette as I want to try their 3-Way Eyebrow Pencil.

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