Shuji to Akira


Anyone who still remembers them?

I was watching the 2015-2016 JE New Year countdown and I was surprised to see lots of new faces. O_O Let’s see, Sexy Zone have fully grown (Maurius, iirc is his name, still stands in the sidelines though. THAT made me remember the time when Nakayama Yuma was in that same sideline while NYC/HSJ performs). Then there’s A.B.C.Z which I can quite remember debuting a few year’s back. Another new group to me is 8west, which I can never recall hearing before. Perhaps they debuted during my MIA days.

Frankly, I miss the older groups T_T. It was good seeing Arashi hosting this year’s countdown. During the time when I avidly watch the yearly countdown, they’re always somewhere or just through videos or something. But, for the most part, I miss seeing KAT-TUN (or should I start calling them Ka-UN? KUN? lol jk) and NewS. It makes me sad to see Kame and everyone being all smiles when KAT-TUN is breaking apart, one by one. Same for NewS. Yes, they seem to be closer than before but they seem to have lost their shine. Their music these days are so bland that you may wonder if it really is from them. And I hate it when I see other groups and even Yamapi wearing the outfit that looked like (or perhaps the same costume?? Come on Johnny, don’t be cheap. :P) what NewS wore from their Live concert.

But my rants are not the focus of this post, actually. www

I’m not sure how long this has been going on but in the previous years, each group will sing a song from another group. Then after that, a representative from each group will join together and sing songs from their senpai. This year, they have some kind of face off or duet (??) between members from another group.  Mid-portion of that and Sho announced Shuji to Akira! ASLKFJLSKJFALK

It’s been years, YEARS, since the last time I’ve listened to that song, and see Kame and Yamapi perform that. Ugh Nobuta wo Produce days~. I idly wondered if Yamapi would make an appearance in the countdown but I never thought he’ll sing that! Good times, good times.

I’ll be leaving you with the younger Shuji to Akira teaching you how to dance Seishun Amigo. đŸ˜€

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